But I’m terrible with steps. I’m impatient with the journey. I want to be there doing bigger and better. The reality of small steps being the best way forward is a big pill to swallow. It seems, well, small.

And the cumulative value of small steps is hard to see. It’s why we want instant results, a diet pill not a diet, the Clifnotes instead of the full version. The silver bullet is sought and rarely found.

Most people…all people who do something innovative, something big start small. Their road is often littered with failures, attempts, stops and starts, and temptation for abandonment of the project altogether.

But cumulative value is the name of the game for any enduring movement. It’s the exponential increase of one thing spreading to three, to nine, to thirty. But it stars with one.

That’s were the movement comes in. The movement provides opportunities and environments for one-to-one connections. One church to a mission. One person to a mission worker. One church to another church. One to one.

Not huge. Not complex. Simple steps.


In our context, simple steps can lead anywhere. Going somewhere requires clarity of vision on the destination. The destination of these movements is simple: 220 people committed to working long-term among unreached people groups by 2020.

Individual and church contributions to that vision mark the cumulative value that we’re talking about–the adoption of a people group by a church, sending a local worker to a people group, connecting with work already underway in a people group all serve the vision and can exist without it.

The opportunity of the movement is to connect small steps together in order grow a feeder system of people and resources invested in the overarching mission. That is where one to one connections turn from “one to many,” to “many to one,” to “many to many.”

The expansion of these opportunities requires a collaborative culture, unified vision, and liberty for innovation and iteration. That’s the Athens Sending Movement.

Let’s get started.